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PanBlast™ Enduro Series Blast Hoses

The Enduro Series Blast Hoses are manufactured from virgin natural rubber; and are available with 2 or 4 ply braided high tensile textile cord reinforced liners and 2 different wall thicknesses. The hoses also have weather, ozone and abrasive resistant covers for extended durability. Standard working pressure is 10 bar (145 psi) and burst pressure is 30 bar (435 psi).

PanBlast™ Blast Wheel Retro-Fit Assemblies

Blast Wheel Retro-Fit assemblies are ideal for both new installation, and replacement part applications for airless wheel blast equipment. The blast wheel components are cast from chrome molybdenum material and then heat treated for a hardness up to 65 HRc. These components are available in many OEM styles as direct replacement parts for most airless wheel blast machine installations.

PanBlast™ BP600W – Wet Slurry Blast Pot

The BP600W Wet Slurry Blast Pot features reduced dust emissions by switching on the AIN water induction nozzle for slurry blast operation. It can also provide a high velocity water only wash for removal of fine abrasive sludge, or switched off for conventional dry blasting mode. Supplied water is venturi drawn from a remotely located water storage drum with anti-rust additives as required for prevention of flash rusting.

PanBlast™ PB1000P Pressure Blast Cabinet

The PB1000P pressure blast cabinet is supplied with a blast pot, cyclone separator and reverse pulse cartridge dust collector requiring 3 phase power. The cabinet has an internal work area of 1200mm (47") W x 900mm (35") D and a side door opening of 755mm (30") W x 855mm (34") H. Supplied pressure vessel is 3rd party certified in accordance to individual market requirements.

PanBlast™ DHS Blast & Paint Dehumidifier

The DHS Blast & Paint Dehumidifier removes moisture from the air during blasting and painting operations. Controlled blasting environments via dehumidification prevents flash rusting, reduces coating cure time, and allows for extended storage times between blasting and coating. Multiple models are manufactured for use under harsh marine environments and different climatic/seasonal conditions.

PanBlast™ BB Series Multi Operator Bulk Blasting Pot

The BB Series Multi Operator Bulk Blasting Pot is a large capacity pot suited for onsite blasting, and large blast rooms. Abrasive storage capacity is approximately 3,360 liters (120 ft³) with four (4) outlet operator system supplied standard, with customized options available. The system can be configured with either pneumatic, or electric remote control system and comes with a high flow moisture separator and posi-type pneumatic top loader.

PanBlast™ Extended Pow Air Vac System

The Extended PAV System is for vacuum recovery of spent abrasive media, and for auto loading of abrasive recycling systems or portable pressure blast pots. Recovered abrasives are auto-fed via weighted auto dumper at the abrasive feed outlet. The twin venturi vacuum system recovers abrasives at a rate of up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs) per hour. A 10m (33 ft) heavy duty recovery hose with a 38mm (1-1/2") pick up nozzle are supplied standard.

PanBlast™ ProFlo with Magnetic Separation

The Extended ProFlo Magnetic Separator Recycling System is an abrasive cleaning system featuring an air wash stage fitted with a rotary drum magnetic separator for removal of ferrous particles, contaminants and rust from non-ferrous abrasive media. The system includes a single cartridge dry dust collection system with reverse air pulse jet cleaning. It is compatible with most abrasive media and has a cleaning rate of 3000 kgs (6600 lbs) per hour.

PanBlast™ Electric Remote Conversion Kit

The Electric Remote Conversion kit is designed to convert conventional pneumatic deadman remote control systems to either 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC operation. The kit includes a weatherproof control box, an electric remote control handle, control valves, all relevant connectors and either 20m (66'), 40m (132') or 60m (198') length control cable (3 standard kit options available).

PanBlast™ UBN Series Boron Carbide Blast Nozzle

The UBN Series Boron Carbide Blast Nozzle is a wide throat, long venturi design nozzle suitable for use in most open blast and blast room applications. UBN nozzles feature long life (2-3 times life of tungsten carbide) and lightweight boron carbide inserts with a durable aluminum outer jacket, impact resistant urethane sleeve, and integral 50mm (2" UNC) contractor thread.

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