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PanBlast™ VTS Portable Dust Collectors

The PanBlast VTS Portable Dust Collector Series are rugged self-contained dust collection units which are specifically designed for on-site applications in the abrasive blasting industry. All models within the VTS series are compactly designed for full mobility in and around the blasting site, and are available in various capacities and flow rates ranging from 5,000 m3/hour through to 20,000 m3/hour.

PanBlast™ CB800 Blast Pot

The CB800 Blast Pot is a pressure hold double chamber double outlet large size blast pot suited for both open blasting and blast room applications requiring continuous blasting and high production rates. Abrasive capacity is approximately 226 liters (8ft³).

PanBlast™ AER215

The AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Pressure Blaster incorporates 14 liter (0.5ft3) blast pot, industry first multi-pass cyclonic reclaimer system eliminating the need for a dust collection system. The entire system is mounted on a transportable trolley, and the unit only requires compressed air to operate.

PanBlast™ Corsa II NPT

The Corsa II Valve retains all the functionality of its predecessor and incorporates additional durability and performance features such as: a 25mm (1") media drain out port, solid carbide plunger and sleeve, quad seal arrangement, plunger stop position indicator and stainless steel internal components.

PanBlast™ Kombi III

The Kombi III NPT Valve is high flow version of the Kombi II and also features the same quick change cap, transparent window for checking exhaust hose wear and extended valve life when compared to the generic Kombi valve. Retrofitting a Kombi III Valve to existing Kombi or Kombi II installations is “plug & play” requiring no plumbing modifications.

PanBlast™ Mini Abrasive Media Vacuum Recovery & Recycling System

The Mini Abrasive Media Vacuum Recovery & Recycling System is a vacuum recovery and abrasive media recycling system designed for the vacuum recovery and separation of recyclable abrasive media such as garnet, aluminum oxide, glass beads, etc. The system incorporates a 10 meters long vacuum recovery hose from the system module for vacuum recovery of the abrasive media.

PanBlast™ Tornado

The Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool is suitable for blasting pipe internal diameters of 200mm (8") to 915 mm (36") using the standard rotating blast head. With the optional large contractor blast head fitted, the Tornado tool can be used to blast pipe internal diameters from 1016 mm (40") up to 1525 mm (60"). Three sizes of tool carriages are available for use with the Tornado tool to suit the varying pipe diameters.

PanBlast™ Extended UltraFlo

The UltraFlo Extended Abrasive Recycling System is a high volume three-phase abrasive cleaning system comprising of: adjustable air wash system, extended height bucket elevator, twin cartridge reverse pulse dust collector and abrasive loading hopper. Cleaning capacity is 7,000 kg (15,400 lbs) per hour. A hopper collector is optionally available for feeding recycled abrasive media to multiple blast pots located below.

PanBlast™ RotaMini Blast Wheel

The RotaMini Blast Wheel is a bi-directional unit with a TEFC flange motor directly mounted to the wheel, and is protected from abrasive ingress with a unique sealing system. The wheel assembly is mounted on a heavy duty 20mm thick base plate, with the blast pattern easily adjustable via the control cage which can be externally manipulated.

PanBlast™ AER85

The AER85 is the smallest unit in our range of closed circuit blast machines and is a fully pneumatic system. The blasting and recovery operation is confined to the blast head, so that dust-free blasting may be carried out within proximity to other workshop operations or other work environments sensitive to dust emissions to the atmosphere.

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