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PanBlast™ Coneblast 1/2 Internal Pipe Blaster

The Coneblast ½ Internal Pipe Blaster is designed to blast the internal surface area of pipes having internal diameters ranging from 50mm (2") to 305mm (12"). It is supplied with tungsten carbide internals and comes complete with centering collars/buttons to locate the tool within the pipe. A scissor type carriage system is sold separately to centrally locate the tool for larger pipe diameters.

PanBlast™ ATV Double Venturi Blast Nozzles

The ATV series of Tungsten Carbide Double Venturi Nozzles are designed to provide a more evenly distributed blast pattern when compared with conventional equivalent size long venturi blast nozzles.

They provide a medium cutting action and offer higher operator productivity for sweep blasting jobs not requiring high cutting rates.

PanBlast™ AirFlo Pneumatic Control Handle

The AirFlo Pneumatic Control Handle is an air bleed-off style of deadman remote control handle that can be used by the operator to start and stop blasting remotely from the nozzle.

A 2-stage fail-safe lock action is required to depress and activate the handle, and to prevent accidental activation if dropped. It is available in both BSP and NPT threads.

PanBlast™ Blast Hoses

The Enduro series of blast hoses are manufactured from virgin natural rubber, and are available with 2 or 4 ply braided high tensile textile cord reinforced liners and 2 different wall thicknesses.

The hoses also have weather, ozone and abrasive resistant covers for extended durability. Standard working pressures are 15 bar (217 psi) and 20 bar (290 psi).

PanBlast™ Aurora LED Hose Mount Kit

The Aurora LED Hose Mount Kit is designed to provide targeted lighting for blasting operators. The LED lamp is virtually maintenance free and generates no heat whilst providing higher levels of illumination when compared to traditional lamps.

The lighting kit can be simply fitted to most commercial size blast hose setups using supplied hose clamps.

PanBlast™ Fina II Valve

The Fina II Valve retains the precise adjustability of its predecessor and incorporates additional features such as a 25mm (1") media drain out port, externally fastened pipe nipple for extended life, quick release plunger assembly and media adjustment indicator. It is available in both BSP and NPT thread types.

PanBlast™ Plana II Valve Assembly

The Plana II Valve retains the quick adjustment capability of its predecessor and incorporates upgraded features such as: dual abrasive drains, valve cavity blow down, non-freeze metering disc and dual disc seals wipers. Unlike the conventional flat sand valve, it can be used will all abrasive media types, and is available in both BSP and NPT thread types.

PanBlast™ AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Blaster

The “Nuovo” corrects weaknesses of older designs including extreme operator fatigue due to periodic re-balancing of the blast head assembly and low blasting productivity.

Besides these improvements, the AER215 Nuovo also features a revolutionary multi-pass ultra high efficiency cyclonic abrasive separation system that can be retrofitted to any blast pot.

PanBlast™ Extended ProFlo Recycling System

The Extended ProFlo Abrasive Recycling System is a medium volume single phase abrasive media cleaning system comprised of: an adjustable air wash system, bucket elevator, single cartridge reverse pulse dust collector, abrasive loading hopper and height extension for bucket elevator. It has a media cleaning capacity of 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) per hour.

PanBlast™ PB1000HD Blast Cabinet Assembly

The PB1000HD Blast Cabinet is a heavy-duty industrial grade single operator blast cabinet. It is supplied with a cyclone separator and reverse pulse single cartridge dust collector and requires three-phase power. It has an internal work area of 1200 mm (47") W x 900 mm (35") D with a door opening of 755 mm (30") W x 855 mm (34") H.

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