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PanBlast™ Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

The tool is suitable for blasting pipe internal diameters of 200mm (8") to 915 mm (36") using the standard rotating blast head. With the optional large contractor blast head fitted, the Tornado tool can be used to blast pipe internal diameters from 1016 mm (40") up to 1525 mm (60"). A tool centering carriage is used to centrally locate, and transport the tool within the pipe during blasting.

PanBlast™ AIN Water Induction Blast Nozzles

The AIN Water Induction Nozzle features the ability to slurry wet blast via both adjustable water feed and adjustable venturi air injector ports for optimum air/water atomization in the nozzle discharge and water suction capacity. They are available in standard 50mm (2”) contractor thread jackets, with sizes #4 through #8 tungsten carbide nozzle inserts.

PanBlast™ AirStop IV NPT Pneumatic Control Handle

The AirStop IV NPT Pneumatic Control Handle is a non-bleed type control handle. The activation signal air is encased within the plunger assembly until the spring-loaded safety button is activated and lever depressed to commence abrasive blasting. NPT threads. The enlarged activation lever provides greater operator comfort during use then the standard-sized AirStop Pneumatic Control Handle.

PanBlast™ Electric Remote Conversion Kit

The Electric Remote Conversion kit is designed to convert conventional pneumatic deadman remote control systems to either 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC operation. The kit includes a weatherproof control box, an electric remote control handle, 20m (66') long control cable, control valves, and all relevant connectors.

PanBlast™ Compressed Air Driven After Coolers

The Compressed Air After Coolers are ideal for removing moisture from incoming compressed air. When used in conjunction with Desiccant or Deliquescent Dryers, up to 90% moisture reduction can be achieved to provide ideal abrasive blasting conditions, and minimal abrasive media wastage. They are available in 8 standard sizes and can also be customized to suit specifical user requirements or operating environments.

PanBlast™ Waffle Floor

The Waffle Floor is an abrasive media vacuum recovery system for blast rooms that can withstand high floor loadings without special floor foundations required. Compared with conventional mechanical systems, there is cost savings from less downtime and reduced maintenance costs, plus no additional dust separation system is required. This modular system can be configured for partial or full floor recovery.

PanBlast™ Corsa II Valve

The Corsa II Valve retains all the functionality of its predecessor and incorporates additional features such as: 25mm (1") drain out port, solid carbide plunger, polyurethane or tungsten carbide sleeves, quad seal arrangement, plunger stop position indicator and stainless steel internal components. Both BSP and NPT threaded versions are available.

PanBlast™ AER85 Closed Circuit Blaster

The AER85 is the smallest unit in the PanBlast™ range of portable closed circuit blast machines and is a fully pneumatic air operated system. The blasting and recovery operation is confined to the blast head, so that dust-free blasting may be carried out within proximity to other workshop operations.

PanBlast™ Pow Air Vac

The Pow Air Vac is a compact, portable and economical pneumatic venturi-type vacuum recovery solution designed for vacuuming spent abrasive media and removed contaminants for low volume applications. The vacuum generator sits on a 200 liter (44 gallon) heavy-duty collection drum and is supplied with a 10m (33') vacuum recovery hose and a pick up wand.

PanBlast™ Kombi III NPT Remote Control Valve

The Kombi III NPT Valve is high flow version of the Kombi II and also features the same quick change cap, transparent window for checking exhaust hose wear and extended valve life when compared to the generic Kombi valve. Retrofitting a Kombi III Valve to existing Kombi or Kombi II installations is “plug & play” requiring no plumbing modifications. Flow ports are 38 mm (1-1/2") NPT threaded.

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